July 15, 2024

Air Freight from Dubai to Russia

The UAE freight and logistics industry has been gently expanding, owing to the region’s steady and rapid expansion of e-commerce and increased international trade. The strategic location of Dubai and Russia benefits both the country by allowing Air Freight from Dubai to Russia

Air freight services are one of the fastest and safest ways to achieve next-day delivery. 

Air Freight- Definition

It is the transfer and transport of commodities by a charter or commercial air carrier. Goods delivered by air have the benefits of high-speed, on-time shipping to any location in the world, which is advantageous to small and medium-sized businesses because it allows them to take part in the international trade.

Types of Air Freight Services

Air freight provides excellent security because airport security checks and monitors the products. There are mainly three types of Air Freight Services:

  • Express Air Service- In this, the cargo is placed on a direct flight to its landing place. It is the most expensive flying service. 
  • Standard Air Service– The cargo is shipped by regular air and is the most popular freight service.
  • Deferred Air Service- This cargo will make many stops to its final destination.

Benefits of air freight services from Dubai to Russia

Air Cargo Services are the conventional solution if you have to transport high-value goods, and many businesses opt for air freight services due to the speed factor. Here are some of the benefits of Air Freight Services:

  • Fastest Shipping Method- If you want to send the cargo within the minimum possible time to another destination, opting for air freight services is best.
  • Global Delivery- Be it across the other side of the world or the country, air cargo shipping is the most convenient and fastest.
  • Low Insurance Premium- Since air freight goods are in transit for a minimum period, you have to pay less insurance premium. 
  • Less Requirement of Warehouse- By opting for air freight service, warehousing becomes less of a priority, and you do not have to keep the items in stock. 
  • Security– The air freight services offer high protection because the airport authority manages the controls.
  • Tracking implies that you can track the cargo from the departure time to the arrival. 

How does an air freight company work?

An experienced Freight Forwarding Agency like freightforwarding.org frequently arranges air freight. The air freight company works with various companies to carry goods on behalf of their customers through air.

Air freight forwarder company from Dubai to Russia handles the complete procedure with a one-stop solution at an economical price, dealing with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and rigid regulations that control what is allowed on board and handling complex dealings with the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

IATA – A Cargo Agency Program

The full form of IATA is the International Air Transport Association. It is the globally recognized trade association for airlines that represents, leads and serves the aviation industry. The IATA Cargo is approved and administered by the International Air Transport Association. The tasks of IATA are:

  • To assist the aviation company by building international airline safety, security, efficiency, and sustainability guidelines. 
  • To lead and assist its members.
  • To effectively represent their interests in a way that boosts the air transport industry.

Cost of Air freight services

Weight and volume are key factors when calculating the cost of air freight services. The charge for air freight depends on volumetric weight, also known as dimensional weight and actual weight.

Apart from the cost of air freight, the total cost to ship by air will also include:

  • Security surcharges
  • Terminal handling charges
  • Airport transfers


In this volatile environment, freightforwarding.org will be your trustworthy partner, allowing you to focus on your business while we care for your airfreight logistics. At freight-forwarding.org, we are sure to find the right solution for you.

With our pledge to transparency, reliability, and efficiency, freightforwarding.org is the ideal partner for all your shipping needs from Dubai to Russia, whether transporting raw materials, finished products, or personal goods.

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