July 15, 2024

Terms and Conditions

This terms and conditions policy is meant to inform our audience about the ways we provide, manage, and update the data on our website. By agreeing to this policy, the users become liable to abide by the terms and conditions.

Our terms and conditions policy is subject to changes from time to time, and we recommend our audience to keep track of the changes by visiting this policy from time to time. Our website (freight-forwaridng.org) reserves all the right to change, update, and delete this policy anytime as per our interest. The user reserves no right to make claims about the losses due to any policy changes, updates, or termination.

The user registered with us will solely be responsible for their website behavior. Freight forwarding reserves complete rights to terminate a user’s access at any time from our website. Read the agreement carefully to learn how we control your access to this website:

General Terms

By agreeing to this terms and conditions agreement, the user agrees not to use the information provided on our website by duplicating, selling, reproducing, and exploiting in any manner. All the information you share with us will be shared on different devices for various technical requirements. Our website uses an end-to-end encryption method to share your transaction data across the platform, thus leaving no possibility of a data breach.

Information Quality

It is the responsibility of users to provide us with accurate, reliable, and correct information on our website. The user has to face legal action in case we find any inaccurate information on our website (freight-forwarding.org). All the information provided here on this website is only on an as-available basis, and we do not warrant our users about the website’s authenticity, accuracy, or correctness. We reserve all the rights to change this information at any time as per our interest.

Termination of Agreement

Our website (freight-forwarding.org) or the User reserves all the rights to terminate the agreement anytime as per our interest. By withdrawing your consent from this agreement, you cannot access specific features of the website. Also, in case we find that you are not abiding by the terms and conditions contract, we reserve full rights to terminate your access at the moment. The user also has to face strict legal action in case of any illegal activities from their account.

Changes to the Agreement

The terms and conditions of this website are easily accessible to the users, and they can check the changes to the agreement from time to time. Freight forwarding reserves all the rights to make changes to our agreement and take strict action against those users not abiding by the agreement. By agreeing to this policy, you can check the updates frequently by visiting our website. All the information provided here on this website is only after thorough research. However, freight-forwarding.org do not warrant our users about the correctness, authenticity, and accuracy of the content. Thus, we do not provide any liability for the content of this website.