July 15, 2024

Privacy Policy

At freight-forwarding.org, we aim to protect the rights of our audience by keeping their data safe on our website. This privacy policy is prepared to protect the interest of our users by providing them with information on how we collect and use their data. All the data you share with us is purely confidential, and we do not share any of your data without your consent in case of specific cases.

The policy applies to all audience members who visit our website and share their data with us. We recommend all our users before visiting our website and accessing the information. Kindly read the privacy policy carefully to learn what we collect, how we collect and use your confidential information.

What We Collect?

As you visit our website, we ask you to register with us to help us collect certain information such as name, email address, and phone number to improve our website performance. Also, we collect cookies and use this information to keep track of your behavior on this website. We collect the IP Address and images (if any) for our targeted marketing purposes. Freight forwarding guarantees our users the security of their data.

Why We Collect

This privacy policy explains how much we care about the privacy of our users. The overall aim behind this policy is to protect our users from the ever-increasing cyber threats. However, we do not warrant the complete security of your data on this website in this vulnerable world. Freight Forwarding takes full measures to protect the confidential data of our users from all kinds of cyber threats.

Why We Collect

Freight forwarding reserves complete rights to use this information to improve our services. We use several marketing tools to keep track of user behavior. All the personal data you share with us will be used in an end-to-end encryption mode, thus leaving no possibility of a data breach. In case of any legal binding, we reserve all the rights to share your data with the legal authorities.

When Does This Policy Not Apply?

This privacy policy applies to this website (freight-forwarding.org) only. The privacy policy won’t apply under the two given circumstances:

Third-Party Websites

Our website (freight-forwarding.org) contains several third-party links to improve performance and authority. This privacy policy is not applicable to any of the third-party websites linked to this website. Freight forwarding recommends our users to read their policy carefully before using their services. In case of any data breach by third-party websites, we will not be liable for any losses. Freight Forwarding does not warrant our users about any privacy breach with the third-party sites linked to our website.

Policy Changes

This privacy policy by freight-forwarding.org is subject to change from time to time. We recommend all our users to be well updated about the changes before accessing our website. All the changes made to this policy will be notified here on the top to provide complete transparency about our privacy policy. You can directly contact us using the email address in case of any queries related to this privacy policy.